To create a synergistic program that encourages competitive female players to continue to play tennis and mentor new female tennis players.


To provide an environment for girls to develop a passion for tennis, and a pathway to foster strong leadership skills.



To inspire and empower female youth to become strong leaders, and grow tennis as the leading female sport in Canada.


Girls Leading Girls (GLG) Tennis was founded  to promote three goals regarding tennis for females:

  1. to support our current competitive teenage players;

  2. to increase the base of younger tennis players; and

  3. to appeal especially to those younger girls, who, for a variety of reasons, are not traditionally drawn to tennis.  


We see a great deal of opportunity for these groups to support one another. 


Our non-profit program encourages our teenage players to keep playing and to inspire them to help mentor new players. The competitive players, ages 13 to 16, are taught by coaches who then voluntarily lead classes to 32 new under-served and diverse 7-to-8- year-olds not typically socialized into playing tennis.  

A small group of us started working diligently to make this happen and founded GLG, with two high-level tennis coaches from Ontario: Nikki Carnovale and Rachel Gould. 

Our entire tennis community has rallied behind our group, fundraising to provide racquets, balls, and other equipment for the novices and arranging for weekly sessions where high-level players come out to hit with the teenage players and help support them as they coach the new players.


Tennis Nova Scotia has been very supportive: Marijke Nel doing hands-on red-ball training; board members of Tennis Nova Scotia coming out weekly to hit with our players; our CEO of Tennis Nova Scotia Kurt Kemperman being one of the first to come lend a hand!  We have also had the good fortune to have Laura Pola coach and mentor our players during our inaugural first session at our home courts at Head Start Tennis Centre.


The goals of GLG Tennis are twofold and synergistic:  to continue to grow in influence to reach more of the community, and to continue supporting and providing leadership opportunities to competitive female players.