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Mary-Anne MacDonald co-founder

Jill Bashutski co-founder

Katherine Baker



Lillian Pappas 
co-founder, lead volunteer, head coach, creator, and developer of GLG

Lillian is a high school student and tennis player. She has volunteered over 450 hrs since we began our program in 2020, from developing our signature warm up and dance to making ribbon rackets and kits to developing our 9 badge program, RED BALL instructional videos, coaching new mentors program, and other GLG initiatives. She has delivered and oversaw many hours of classes and events in Halifax and around NS.


Isabelle Dickie
Esme MacGillivray
Tua MacNeil
Sofia Gonzales
Sofie Hajek
Ece Erkal
Meghna Anand
Natasha Buree-Edwards
Remy Stein

Claire Mawdsley


Pascale St. Peters
Mabel Gerard
Zoya Lawen
Paige Ramsay
Andreina Cabrerala
Victoria Frauzel
Bella Baker

Saoirse McDonough 

Elizabeth McDonough 

Sophia Nicolela


Connor Balcome
Laura Pola
Luke Saunders
Roger Cochrane

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